Neo-Sage® Philosophy

The Neo-Sage® Philosophy comes from three schools of thought: Sociology, Psychology, and enduring Military Leadership teachings. All the ideas, tips and tactics, stem from one or several of these schools. The mix is the perfect concoction used to create strategies to navigate business relationships. It allows for diplomacy, negotiating and posturing so that all concerned feel positive and assume a win. Understanding how the plan will move forward and controlling “the field” as much as possible gives us the best chances of victory for everyone. Having a process that is repeatable and proven effective lets you have continued success and many, many positive professional relationships. The Neo-Sage® Philosophy is NEVER about temporary motivation of trite folklore. It is ALWAYS about long-lasting constructive change to promote on-going positive internal and external relationships and success, however the individual defines it.

Meaning of U-based®

U-Based® is the Neo-Sage® concept of truly changing the focus of business from “I” to “You (U)”. Not just in theory, but in actual verbiage and actions. To adopt this concept, you’ll need to concentrate on turning away from the old ideas of “look what we do” and move to “look at what you’ll get.” This is often said but rarely done. It is very difficult to do, but you can learn it here.

Meaning of ETL™

ETL™ stands for “Emotion THEN Logic” and is the Neo-Sage® concept of shifting from the technical side of business to the softer side to become the best leader you can be. Logic and technical skills are very important to success and critical for the individual. Emotional Intelligence, understanding your motivations as well as others, is critical for the group. Knowing how to move people and inspire them is what will make someone a great leader. The combination, in the right order, is the recipe for success. That is what you can learn here.

Meaning of the Logo

The Key – represents the key to victory, which is wise action that opens the doors to bigger and better fortune. We are all trying to find this.

The Knight – represents tactical moves and strategy. It is the only chess piece with totally unique moves that can actually move around or over other pieces.

The Sun – represents enlightenment and success. This happens NOT just because we are motivated or lectured to. This happens when we actually “get it” and change our behavior to get what we want.

The Shield – represents power; the ability to change someone’s behavior.  That is what we truly need to succeed. We need to change not just others behavior, but also, our own behavior.

The Phrase – loosely translated from Latin “From great counsel (advice/wisdom), victory!”

The Neo-Sage® Team

Larry Sharpe


Larry Sharpe is the Managing Director of the Neo-Sage® Group, Inc.

He provides executive coaching, management consulting and training for professionals in many industries including: finance, technology, media, real estate, luxury and healthcare. He has coached and trained hundreds of entrepreneurs, executives, sales people and customer service reps from dozens of companies all over the United States. He is also a professional speaker and has spoken at dozens of venues to a wide variety of audiences.

He has a varied background which began in the United States Marines. There Larry spent time in Artillery, Marine Air and Military Intelligence.  He was a member of the PRP program where he held a Secret security clearance and was a multiple-award “Expert” Marksmanship Coach. As a Marine he was able to travel throughout East Asia, including Japan, South Korea, China, Hong Kong (prior to reversion to China) and the Philippines.

After almost seven years of active duty and an honorable discharge, Larry became an English teacher and Chief Instructor for a private Japanese school, the World Educational Center. In addition, he was the English Coordinator for the Japanese Government’s facility, The Okinawa International Center.

Back in the US, he started a local trucking business.  Once launched, he left to work with the former NYC Police Chief, Bill Bratton, in corporate sales of pre-employment screening and background investigations, selling primarily to large public companies with a focus on the Finance industry.

After a few other sales positions, he started his second business, Prime Distribution Inc., a company that sold several manufacturers’ products into individual health food stores and franchised GNCs.  He sold this business after two years and joined the sales force at WOR Radio selling ad time and radio promotions.

Larry founded Neo-Sage®, his third business, in 2004 and he’s been working with top tier professionals ever since.

He is:

  • a Guest Instructor at Columbia’s Graduate School of Business
  • a Guest Instructor at Yale University School of Management
  • an Instructor for Baruch College’s Continuing & Professional Studies department

He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Anthropology from the University of Maryland and lives in NYC, with his wonderful wife that he met in high school and two daughters.


Jichelle Fuller


Jichelle (Jennifer Michelle Fuller) is a Director at The Neo-Sage® Group and the Managing Director of Jichelle New York, a fashion company that offers Fashion Consulting, Wardrobe Planning, Custom Menswear, Custom Tailoring, Etiquette Training, Resume Writing and other services imperative to personal and company branding.

Her vast array of clients includes individuals and companies in fields such as self-development, finance, public speakers,           and entertainment.

She launched The Milton Collection in 2012, because every elite gentleman needs their wardrobe to accentuate their unique physique. As the designer and tailor of this collection, her clients benefit from having and a designer, stylist and tailor all-in-one, as aesthetic details and quality are valuable parts of creating style.

In the past she worked as a knitwear designer for Essendi, as well as design for private labels.

Jichelle has served as a stylist, tailor and trunk show model in some of NY’s finest stores on Madison Ave as well as in the fashionable SoHo and TriBeCa. She has measured and tailored more than 1,200 custom suits for men and has logged more than 27,000 hours in dressing individuals.

Her philosophy is tailored to creating and planning ongoing authentic impressions, as she believes the atmosphere you create is built upon how you dress and leave others feeling about themselves in your presence, as well as your absence.

Jichelle trains her clients in effective communication of various forms including, wardrobe, body language and professional correspondence. She is actively involved with Live Dance Live because dance allows people the opportunity to strengthen their communication with others through the use of movement.

Jichelle is committed to dressing leaders so their message can truly be heard by others.

She is:

  • Sponsor and Official Designer of SOCNationRacing
  • Guest Speaker: SendOutCards Success Saturday “Dressing Authentically for Network Marketers”
  • A contributing men’s fashion writer for Signature J Magazine
  • A spokesmodel for clothing labels Kay Celine Los Angeles and Anett Rostel Berlin
  • Board Member at Large and dancer for Live Dance Live, a non-profit organization based in New York
  • A classically trained flautist

She holds a Bachelor of Education (BEd) degree (with a specialty in ESL) from Arizona State University.

In her free time she focuses on fitness, writing, healthy eating and healing methodologies. She enjoys traveling the world with her friends and family.


Georgia Kounadis


Georgia Kounadis is a Director at The Neo-Sage® Group and the Managing Director of Sharpe Bookkeeping, a bookkeeping firm that specializing in the needs of small-business financial consulting and administration. Her specialty focus is small companies that are ready to take on their next phase of growth. Georgia’s over 10 years of experience on Wall Street lends her the ability to work with clients on fine-tuning their business plans and identifying various ways to facilitate, streamline and finance growth.

Georgia has worked in the Equity Research Department of various Wall Street firms including C.J. Lawrence/Deutsche Bank, Everen Securities, Rodman & Renshaw and other specialty boutiques. Her area of expertise has been the Consumer Industry which includes Global Consumer Products and Services, Apparel and Accessories as well as Toys and the Interactive Entertainment Industry.

Georgia has been quoted in several Newspapers including the Wall Street Journal as well as various magazines. She has a bachelor’s degree in economics from the State University of New York at Stonybrook.