Coaching of Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs often have trouble making that shift from doer to owner or making the jump from small start-up to sustainable medium sized business.  It can be tough and it can be lonely, because true entrepreneurs are less than 1% of the population. On top of that, the vast majority of new businesses fail.  The odds are against you.

But that is OK, if you realize that you’ll need to maximize sales growth while organizing your business so that you are running it and not getting stuck in the gears of the machine.  The day-to-day grind can ensure that you never take that required leap to get yourself to the level you want.  Entrepreneur coaching can get you where you want to be.

You will learn how to move from doing to ensuring it gets done.  You’ll change your mindset and set up new higher expectations for you and your company. You’ll deal with change and still foster innovation and initiative.  You will see how to handle difficult challenges without falling back into old habits.

With one-on-one Entrepreneur Coaching, you can get the specific guidance and outside look for your sales growth and your organizational leadership that you need to make the next step.  In addition, this coaching structured so you can master NEW habits and be a more consistent performer.  It’s also flexible enough for your calendar and can be done at off hours and via phone and/or Skype. Specific issues can be brought up and as much time as required can be placed wherever necessary.

The three month package consists of at least three sessions per month. When possible, at least one session per month will be in person and can include joining a sales call (in-person or via conference call).  There is also weekly email support and access to the Neo-Sage University.

The package price is $4,950.


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George-Bischof“The deeper discussion and training is fantastic. For those who want to sharpen their skills, I recommend Neo-Sage without reservation.”

– George Bischof, Attorney, Bischof & Bischof PLLC